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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - November 22, 2021

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On Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 November the AES-TAMAB Audio Conference was held for the fourth consecutive year.
Given the particularities of the case, this time it was done in a hybrid format. Throughout the two days, talks and seminars were given in distance format and other activities in face-to-face format.

On Tuesday the joranda began with the talk "Live sound: technical audio production and new roles on stage" by the technician Natalia Sotelo. Later in Videoposter format, Gustavo González presented "Konsol:" Electric fiction "in the context of a mixture", followed by the student María Belén López with her talk about Dante "A walk through the Dante Protocol".

The first date of our conference was closed by the musician, engineer and entrepreneur Tomás Quagliardi who presented his equipment in person and gave a talk about the assembly of audio amplifiers and the artistic use of the distortion that these equipment generate.

The second date was inaugurated by the Vice President for Latin America, Jorge Azama, who presented his talk "Estetica del Error". Followed by talks in videoposter format by professor Santiago Capisto and Sergio Paoletti, who spoke about "Auto Punch - Pre Roll & Post Rol" and "Everything is transitory: handling transients in the mix" respectively.

The second appointment was closed by the workshop "Synthesis and synthesizers" by Van Shake, who for more than two hours captivated the audience through the use of the MIDI protocol, the use of Synths, signal routing and the armed ditintos that he uses in live concerts.

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