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Japan - October 14, 2021

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The topic of the October meeting was Dolby Atmos Music, a new type of music content that has recently begun to be supported by distribution services.
Mr. Nakayama talked about Dolby Atmos playback environment, with an overview of the technology including Bed and Object, and workflow.
Explanation of workflow included DAWs and Dolby Atmos Renderer. Mr. Nakayama also explained the specifications of the delivered files.
There was also an announcement that Dolby is regularly providing updated information on Dolby Atmos.
Mr. Fukada talked about the production know-how and techniques, with actual examples of how the production is actually done introduced.
Mr. Fukada explained why Doby Atmos Music is becoming more and more popular in the field of immersive audio. How to think about recording plans and other aspects of production. He showed the actual workflow while playing back recordings, and talked about what should be kept in mind when doing mixing.
Mr. Fukada gave us his thoughts on the future of immersive audio.
Toward the end of the session, there was a discussion on appeals and difficulties in "communicating music to listeners."with Hints on how to create better music were discussed.
The talks of Mr. Nakayama and Mr. Fukada attracted a lot of interest from the participants, and the meeting made it clear that Dolby Atmos Music is attracting a lot of attention.
More than 100 people attended the meeting.

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