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Pacific Northwest - December 7, 2021

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PNW Section had such a great time last year when Sylvia Massy showed the PNW Section some of her microphone collection that we asked for more. Part 2 again featured engineer/producer Sylvia and partner Chris Johnson showing more of what is regarded as the largest mic collection in the world from their studio in Oregon. About 88 people attended, with 59 being AES members.

Much of the collection was acquired from the late Bob Paquette in Wisconsin. Sylvia and Chris described moving the Paquette collection from Milwaukee to Oregon. They also showed many historic microphones from the early electrical beginnings, even dismantling some. Many different forms and technologies through the years were shown, and of course, audience requests were taken. Working mics were patched in so we could hear them. Video should be available soon via the PNW Section website archive:

Afterwards, attendees were able to stay for self-introductions and microphone chat. A huge thank-you to Sylvia and Chris for this second visit to their "no-kill microphone shelter."

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