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Aural Escuela - November 25, 2021

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On Thursday 25, the Audio Expertos 2021 2st date was presented. As mentioned on the meeting report or the 1st date, on this occasion the experts were the students, who presented some of the work made on 2021.
First, Federico Lorenzo Martin —interviewed by our faculty advisor- told us about the human side of writing and submitting and AES Conference paper. Federico showed his work, Sound localization training and auditory adaptation: a review, on the European 2021 conference, and on the 3ra Jornada Rioplatense del Audio (Argentina-Uruguay). The hard facts are there, sho here he talked about the idea, the process, and the conclusions about his work, part of our Acoustics & Auditory Perception Department.
Afterwards it was the time for the DIGRA group, also part of our Acoustics & Auditory Perception Department. Adrián Corvalán, Nicolás Fernández and Camilo Gómez showed the work of a year: by testing the efficiency of BAD panels as diffusers, and also researching more about the absorption gradient capabilities for diffuser design, they proposed a new diffuser approach: the DIGRA (Difusor por Gradiente de Absorción). A prototype has been builded and installed in a control room, and BRIRs were taken, so shortly the measurements will appear.
Then Diego Flores, our secretary and member of our 3D Audio & Soundscapes department, showed how to make a binaural headtracker using OSC, Arduino, IEM and Reaper. Yes, you can hear a good 3D Ambisonics externalization by doing this by yourself, at very low cost, and this is a way to do it.
Day 1 was closed by our faculty advisor, showing the international contact done on this pandemic age (2020/2021). In this historical time we reached Francis Rumsey, Hyunkook Lee, Martha Mooke, Damian Murphy and the York Section, the Pacific Northwest Section, the Norway Section and the Japan Student Section, along other more informal contacts.
Thanks to everyone involved! See you at 2022 in the next Audio Expertos.
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