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Aural Escuela - November 24, 2021

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On Wednesday 24, the Audio Expertos 2021 1st date was presented. On this occasion, the experts were the students, who presented some of the work made on 2021.
First, our special guest Brayan Moises Rodríguez Veizaga —interviewed by our president, Carla Gatica- tell us about the wonders of the AES LATAM student movement, highlighting the activities of all the AES student sections working together here in Latin America from the very beginning and detailing the expansion of the work made and the work to be done. Brayan is one of the visible faces of that movement who concerns a lot of students not only from Bolivia and Argentina, also Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Perú, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, and we were honored for his participation here.
Afterwards it was the time for our Audio 3D department. Josefina Martino, David Joya and Julian Perasso, leaded by Martín Adrover, showed the work of a year: individual projects made in 3rd order Ambisonics, in both music and soundscapes, and one group project of a full audiovisual piece were sound & music are articulated together second-by-second with the moving pictures, also in HOA (Higher Order Ambisonics), and with multi-format mixing methods (for 7.4.2, UHJ and binaural deployment). All the work is ready for listen on the links provided, along with a description of workflow and production philosophy.
Then Hector Vergara, our friend, graduate student (now teacher) and long-time collaborator from INOVE, presented DARO-M. This is a remote control monitoring mixer for cell phones and palms. All the stages (both analog & digital circuits and paths, general design, prototype building, coding) were displayed and commented, along with all the open-source resources shared (both hard & soft). This project is the culmination of several brainstorming made on our Audio & Electroacoustics department, from his very beginning in 2019.
Day 1 was closed by our Home Studio 2.0 project, from our Acoustics & Auditory Perception Department. Federico Morales, Adrian Corvalán, Julian Perasso showed how their dramatically enhanced their home studio's by predicting the room acoustics first, and then deploying specific solutions for each case. Each acoustic design model was showed (ondulatory, geometric and statistic) on each particular situation, and before & after measurements were showed.
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