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St. Poelten UAS Student - June 18, 2021

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? 09:30 | Opening
Michael Iber, Hannes Raffaseder
• 09:40 | Texture Transformation Machine
Reinhold Friedl (University of Mudic and Performing Arts Vienna, St. Pölten UAS)
• 10:00 | Listening Experiment on the Plausibility of Acoustic Modelling in Virtual Reality
Kajetan Enge (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, St. Pölten UAS)
• 10:20 | Background Audio Library Challenges, Workflow and Use Cases of 1OA
Ambiences for VR and Film
Horst Schnattler (Klangkulisse, Graz)
• 10:40 | Human & Machine — Research examples from the field of Robopsychology Simon Schreibelmayr (Robopsychology Lab, Johannes Kepler University Linz)
• 11:15 | The art and the science of microphones - beyond vintage and voodoo
Ben-Daniel Keller (Freelance Acoustic Engineer, Vienna) & Jonathan Alexander (Lewitt Audio, Vienna)
• 11:35 | SONICOM — Transforming Auditory-Based Social Interaction and Communication in
Piotr Majdak (Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
• 11:55 | Spatial Audio: Moving from Experience to Everyday Life Markus Zaunschirm (atmoky, Graz) ? 12:15 | mikme pocket
Philipp Sonnleiter (MIKME, Vienna)
Felix Holzmüller (IEM, University of Music and Performing Arts Graz)
• 13:45 | Parametric Pinna Model
Katharina Pollack (Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
• 14:05 | Auditory Modelling Toolbox
Clara Hollomey (Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
• 14:25 | Development and Adaptation of Spatial Hearing across the Human Lifespan
Karolina Ignatiadis (Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)
• 15:00 | Sound Design in Immersive Experiences
Thomas Aichinger (Scope Audio, Vienna)
• 15:20 | Reading Audio. Sentiment Analysis of Comments about Music Videos on YouTube
Andreas Gebesmair & Johanna Grüblbauer (Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies, St. Pölten UAS)
• 15:40* | Repressive Medienpolitik — Wie geht die EU damit um? (Campus Medien -- SUMO) Anja Stojanovic (BMM18 St. Pölten UAS)
• 16:00* | Medienpluralismus — Bedarf es politischer Regulierung? (Campus Medien -- SUMO) Christiane Fürst (BMM18 St. Pölten UAS)
• 16:30 | Panel Discussion: Future of Radio
Moderation by Hannes Raffaseder with:
• Monika Kalcsics (Ö1)
• Rüdiger Landgraf (Kronehit)
• Helga Schwarzwald (Verband Freier Rundfunk Österreich)
• Eva Umbauer (fm4)

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