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SCAD Student Section - November 5, 2021

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On Friday, November 5th of 2021 the AES SCAD Student Section met at 11am over Zoom to meet and explore the journey and work of electro-acoustic violist Martha Mooke. At the top of the session, Martha performed multiple live pieces and showed us her setup of multiple effect processing pedals she frequently uses in her work, including the Eventide H9. From there, she showed us the score for her album, No Ordinary Window, and discussed the challenge of notating effects processing in a musical notation score. She showed more of her work, and we had an open discussion on collaborating with others, finding new techniques and ways to perform, and being open to embrace "happy accidents" in our work. There were also students from her Multi-Styles Strings program at New Jersey City University, and we got to meet and connect with them as well. It was a very inspirational and insightful meeting.

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