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SCAD Student Section - September 28, 2021

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On Tuesday, September 28th, the Savannah College of Art and Design's Audio Engineering Society Student Section conducted its annual meeting, which happened to be our first ever in-person meeting. During this gathering, our section's previous board of executives introduced themselves to the meeting attendees and delivered a brief overview of AES, its mission, and the benefits of joining as a student member.

We discussed upcoming AES competitions and events as well as gave an overview of the workshops and speaker's the SCAD AES Student Section plans to host during the fall academic quarter. Following introductions and presentations, the board members asked meeting attendees to participate in an engaging ice-breaker and get to know their fellow students.

After wrapping up the ice-breaker, the section's executive members and the section's non-student supervisor, Jamie Baker, demonstrated usage of plug-ins and software entitled to AES student members such as Izotope's Insight 2, Sonarworks SoundID Reference, and SoundcheckPro.

The meeting concluded with the official election of a new executive committee and board members for the 2021-22 school year, conducted by the section's non-student supervisor. The elected members and their positions are as follows:
Section Chair: Oddy Litlabo
Section Vice-Chair: Chelsea Adams
Section Secretary: Tony Minardi
Section Treasurer: Lily Adams
Section Committee Members: Miguel Concha, Allison Blum, Allen Linsey.

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