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Aural Escuela - September 29, 2021

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Last Wednesday 29, some members of our student section held a very rich and interesting meeting with the members of the professional AES Pacific Northwest Section. In it, we took the great opportunity to know each other, share our thoughts about the actual context in various aspects, and establish a first contact to create cultural connections between these two sections.
We were very amazed by the way things developed; in a very clear and warm way, the PNW members explained several aspects of their event production workflow, showed us effective tools to carry on meeting organization, shared their thoughts about keeping audience interest up, and encouraged us to keep in contact with them, inviting us to join their various Zoom events (among many other things that fitted in an almost two hour Zoom meeting).
This meeting, and the ones that we held and will hold, is for us a huge, huge chance to strengthen the relation with sections worldwide, connecting with different cultures, ways of seeing the audio world and knowing great people in the AES.
Fortunately, we found a great and warm response by the other sections, in trying to establish this kind of contact, so we couldn't be more grateful to them.
In this case, huge thanks to the members of the professional Pacific Northwest Section for their kindness and dedication. We had a great time, and hope to see each other again!

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