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Pacific Northwest - September 16, 2021

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PNW Section began its 2021-22 season of meetings with another Zoom For Amusement Only, the 1st Annual PNW Audio Trivia Bonanza. Host Jess Berg, one of the most recent electees to the PNW Section Committee, hosted something similar at the more casual Tea Time Topics Zoom meetings, and it was deemed a hit and worthy of another round. Jess, originally from Minnesota, is a live sound engineer (since 2003), educator (since 2012), tour and production manager (since 2014), musician and event MC (since 1997) and AES PNW Committee member since 2021. About 20 people attended (14 AES members).

Thanks to a gaming app, three rounds of 20 multiple choice audio questions were presented on the Zoom screen share. Most players used their phones as response devices, and speed and accuracy were factors. Questions ranged from What year was the AES founded? to microphone principles, the speed of sound, Beethoven, and Who Invented the Electret Microphone?

Winners of each round received award PDFs.
Round 1 Winner: Gary Louie
Round 2 Winner: Dan Mortensen
Round 3 Winner: Gary Louie

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