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Brazil - October 6, 2021

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On October 6, 2021 AES Brazil Section streamed through the internet to Facebook and YouTube a reunion of Members, former members and volunteers that helped establish and organize the Section in 1996.
The event was streamed on the Section's Facebook and Youtube channels and are available on demand for viewing.
Presenters spoke about how those at the time felt the need for the Section and the steps that were taken to establish it. They also spoke about the historical aspects at the time and their relationships with the Audio Engineering Society.
Accounts of the Section's activities throughout these years was presented, with photo registers of some of the more than 100 oficial section meetings, local and national.
It was a very enjoyable time for those present and being an online event we were able to have people not only from several states of Brazil but some that are currently residing abroad.
Having been recorded, we now have an historical reference for the coming generations of AES Brazil members.

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