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Argentina - July 29, 2021

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On Thursday July 29 we started the "Live Sound Month" and on this occasion we had the honor of receiving producer Marcelo "Coca" Monte with his webinar "Technical production of shows".

From his hometown, Mar del Plata, Marcelo "Coca" Monte told us about his beginnings in this activity, highlighting the most important aspects of his training that allowed him to become one of the most sought-after technicians today.

His versatility as a producer allowed him to travel the world and he was responsible for the most outstanding shows and concerts that were held in the Argentine Republic. In the first stage of the talk, Carlos told us about the work of the live sound technician, he took the time to describe in detail each characteristic of the musical production of a live show, such as working with the rider, working on the sound test. , logistics in general, the role of the monitoring technician, the role of the public address operator and the producer in general.

In a second stage, he emphasized the logistics of a show, described the importance that the work of the streaming console operator has acquired in these times and reviewed his experience in concert halls, stadiums and the most important theaters in the United States . United. , Japan and Argentina.

Finally, he revealed all his accumulated experience and the knowledge acquired during so many years of experience. These were the sparks that ignited the public who asked countless questions and led Marcelo to comment on both the strengths of working in the "mainstream" and the "under".

We invite you to watch the talk from here

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