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Argentina - June 10, 2021

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On Thursday June 10, the engineer Carlos Laurenz gave a very particular webinar. For the first time in this cycle, a webinar was held under the concept of "Questions and Answers" where all the students from the Student sections of Argentina and the region previously approached us with their concerns and they were answered live.

The first part of the talk aimed to review the formative stage and professional career of Carlos Laurenz, in which he described his first steps and some work carried out in the United States. By way of introduction, he recounted his experience working in the cradle of the music industry and referred to the working methods currently used in the Argentine Republic, highlighting the training of technical personnel in both countries.

In a second stage, Carlos devoted himself exclusively to answering the technical questions sent to him by the different Student Sections and the public that closely followed the interview.

The questions are related to the delivery format of the piece of music to the mastering technician and the "typical" problems that mixes present today when a very high percentage is done "in the box". Topics such as loudness, stereo balance, rms levels, stereo image extension, tonal balance, parallel compression, midside processing, limiting and normalization applied by the different on-demand streaming platforms were some of the recurring themes on this occasion.

We invite you to relive the talk from here

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