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Argentina - May 20, 2021

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Continuing with the "month of mixing" within the framework of the webinars organized by AES Argentina, on Thursday May 20 the music producer Alex Goldstein gave a 90-minute talk where he reviewed the resources and tools that he uses in mixing music. music.

In "Beyond Rock" (You can access the talk from here, Alex structured his talk on the most popular mixing criteria in popular music .

Described they - the first from the Basics Tracks to the solo instrument, and the second from the solo instrument to the Basics Tracks - began to unravel "their working method" which is characterized by previously identifying (the hierarchy of planes) the technical and aesthetic problems presented by the performance of the musicians.

Then he made a comparison on the criteria used during music production, addressing concepts, ideas and tools at the time of mixing when it is done strictly from the DAW; from the use of dynamic processes, effect processes and the routing of the input / output signal to how the monitor mix is done for musicians "in the box". He also shared his conclusions arising from the comparison of this method of work with the same task but carried out in a professional recording studio that has a tangible production console, to end in the enunciation of the strengths and weaknesses of the mix "live ".

Finally, he outlined the work criteria applied to other musical genres such as academic music, jazz, ethnic music, highlighting the importance of the sound record as a cultural legacy. He described the main characteristics of audio recording and mixing, emphasizing different ideas about pan position, stereo image extent, EQ, depth, listening point, song weight, and hierarchy. of planes.

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