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Sydney - September 24, 2021

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Our guest presenter Matt Hardy joined us from Denmark. Matt is a partner at the German based control and user interface development specialist DeusO GmbH. DeusO is a member of the OCA Alliance and provides web-based user interface development and control protocol implementations for customers in the pro audio and broadcast manufacturing industries. Matt has a background in audio production having worked as recording engineer and producer. Matt gave us an overview of the activities of the OCA Alliance in promoting the development and adoption of the AES70 standard. He provided us with an overview of the AES70 standard which defines a framework, software class structure and network protocol for the control of audio devices. Matt's detailed slides described the application of the framework in the context of a typical audio device. This led to a hands-on demonstration of DeusO's web application AES70 Explorer, for the discovery and control of devices on a network. This included live video of a Raspberry Pi device running an AES70 software implementation, being remotely controlled allowing control of audio playback and its embedded ALSA audio device. The device located in Denmark could be controlled remotely by meeting participants in Sydney via the web app. A feature of the AES70 implementation is that the local view of the remote device status is updated continuously allowing visual confirmation of control changes being applied.

Matt responded to questions from the audience regarding potential use-cases, alternative control protocols and current adoption of the standard by manufacturers.

The committee and members of the Sydney Section thank Matt for his generous contribution to the meeting and also Mark Lownds of tm systems for recruiting Matt for the event.

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