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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - September 22, 2021

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On Monday, September 20, the Intersectional Meeting of Students was held with the participation of the Student Sections AES-AURAL, AES-ECOS, AES-EMC and AES-TAMABA. After the welcoming words of Fernando Bacigalupo, President of the Professional Section, each Faculty Advisor was introduced by Indio Gauvron, who is deeply rooted and has ties to all Sections.

For the Student Section of AES-TAMABA, Emanuel Guajardo presented his project "Making musical instruments with arduino" where he shared his experiences. Leonel Petta then presented his research on creating a "secondary kick" microphone, compared the shots taken, and shared his findings. Students Jesús Almirón, Emilano Busso and Manuel Clemente spoke about the use and capture of impulsive responses and their application in music production. Through a blind test we were able to appreciate its usefulness both in effects processes and in guitar equipment. And finally, Elián Domínguez presented the project "Asidero" with which he obtained the Silver Medal in Category 4 "Sound for Audiovisuals" of the Student Recording Contest that was held within the framework of AES LAC Medellín 2021.

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