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Argentina - April 1, 2021

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Gabriel shared all he's experiences and approach to music production starting from his
perspective and beginning as a musician.
He talked about the importance of hearing the productions and the artist's desires before
putting our hands on the faders. He talked about the concept of the technology and the tools
in service for the song and their necessities. Also he focuses on the roles of all the staff in a
recording production, the producer, the engineer and the studio tech assistant.
He showed us the recording session of the song "mundo agradable" by David Lebon. and
explained the recording of the hammond organ, the arranging and layering with loops and
Virtual instruments.
Then Gabriel showed us the evolution of the sound compared with the demo. He added new
layers of elements to increase the density of the song in some parts, and in other parts just
left the original to make more visible the change between them.
Gabriel explains how producing and recording you can make the mix stage more easy, and
the importance of making decisions quickly to take the best from the artists and don't waste
time, and always put the technology available working in the service of art.

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