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Argentina - March 11, 2021

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Fernando shared all he's experiences producing for several artists with different techniques
to approach their ideas, and how to ensemble them with loops. He mentioned the way he
adds some processes to give dynamics and improve the flow of the song, using all the tools
provided in Ableton Live.
He uses gates on some elements and compression, in different parts of a song. He uses
auxiliary sends in other processes to add bright or saturation to the elements, in addition he
applies sends in other effects because it is a good strategy for saving computer resources.
Putting the FX in a bus and sharing them between different elements, needs less FX (and
processing) than using one fx per channel.
Another example of his work is when he produced a song for a commercial, initiating with
the video of the product and the vocal of the singer. So Fernando needs to produce a beat to
fit in the video and in sincro with the singer. He tap the tempo of the space he has to develop
the beat and when the artist starts to sing.
He also showed a quick way to produce a new song. Fernando uses stems made by a third
party, to try a new melody or a lyric. He uses a harmony library with stems and midi patterns
to start the projects and when they are in progress, he quits the stem and writes something
for the projects. In some cases, he uses some vst which have their own harmony libraries.
At last, Fernando talks about frequency masking, harmonic equalization, and a strategy to
use them to empower some elements and to choose others in different parts of the
production, discarding the ones which are sharing the same frequencies.
Thank you Fernando for sharing your knowledge with our audio community!

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