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Aural Escuela - August 11, 2021

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On Wednesday 11 we gathered in order to celebrate our formal general & regular monthly meeting. We discussed the agenda of the incoming events (1er Evento Interseccional AES Argentina, AURAL Audio Expertos 2021, maybe one or two more...) and the international meetings previously approved (UK, Norway, Australia, Japan, Canada, USA). After, department reports were presented, showing the status of the current ongoing projects, specifically the ones with chances to reach Audio Expertos this year (Internet of Things Musician Mixer, Arduino OSC Headtracker, Home Studio 2.0, BAD panels). The poster presentation video for the 1er Evento Interseccional AES Argentina was scripted, and we set the deadline for the making to the September 11 limit. End of the year, here we go!

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