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Aural Escuela - July 22, 2021

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On Thursday 22 we gathered with Hector Vergara -one of our friends and long-term collaborator- in order to dig deep in his proposal: the building of a monitoring mixer with internet of things capabilities, specifically the possibility for the musicians for the making of their own mixer -both in studio and/or in live performances- using their cellphones.
By using several schematics & resources previously showed and discussed, Hector focused on the possibilities for the volume control on the amplification stage, considering classic VCA's, FET's and OPTO's, but we reached a conclusion: a digital circuit using PT2258IC suits best for two key features 1) digital control, tech-friendly for digital delivery and management 2) excellent SNR and I/O capabilities.
Hector will start testing on protoboard all the desing this month, and we hope all of us will gathered soon on our school to make more work around this -hopefully here in Argentina the pandemic has started a fade out-.

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