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Aural Escuela - June 25, 2021

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Last Friday 25th, the main topic was the official presentation of individual projects and ideas. Diego Flores talked a bit about his project oriented to 3D audio music mixing, using the spectralism technique, although at the moment he is focusing on absorbing more knowledge to improve his projects. Julian Perasso talked about his new sci fi themed soundscape, inspired by the Alien movies. David Joya said that he is working with an experimental band from Colombia to mix a song in 3D. Renzo Leveroni is working on several musical works, composed by him, to mix them in 3D audio. Martin Adrover presented his new project, which consists of a mix between music and a soundscape, where the main idea is to create an environment of a bar where a band is playing and listening is from the perspective of a customer at a table.
Finally, we were finishing the organization of the group project, which is a short film directed by Josefina Martino, where the idea is that together we do the composition and 3D audio mix for the short film. Josefina shared with us an unfinished version of the short film to have a reference and to be able to agree on work dates.

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