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San Francisco - December 13, 2018

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"The science of Ambisonics has recently seen a resurgence of interest due to its applicability to VR spatial audio. However, Ambisonics' magic is not limited to VR applications and has the potential to take the audio industry by storm in the coming years. During this event DTS R&D engineers will present their latest work on high quality Ambisonics decoding. They will also demonstrate how they are applying their high quality decoding techniques to VR, mobile devices and home theater. If you thought you already knew all about Ambisonics, think again."

The focus of the meeting was on the resurgence of Ambisonic audio over the previous three years. Three demos were given by the Xperi/DTS hosts. Each demo took place is a different space in the building. Demo 1- focused on headphone decoding for possible VR applications. Demo 2- took place is a large room with ambisonic decoding to a 16 channel speaker matrix. Demo 3- decoded audio was played on a handheld tablet and spatial effects were turned on/off to demonstrate Xperi tech.

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