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Argentina - April 15, 2021

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On April 15 we had Topo Espíndola in our Webinar Cycle, as part of the recording month in this 2021. His talk is called "Drums in the Studio", and it can be found on
Topo introduced the roles of the drummer and the recording engineer as an intimate unit in the deep, and that served as an introduction of his vision of the audio of the instrument as a percentage graph (50% musician/instrument, 20% room, 20% mic position, 10% mic election). The knowledge the drummer had of the instrument is one of the keys in his point of view, so the election/possibilities of certain drumheads, cymbals, tuning, rings, drumsticks, etc. are a big deal. Afterwards, he put the preproduction stage as the main core of the musician input (audio search, groove/parts composing, click tracks, accents, phrasing, monitoring system, bass relationship). On the production side, room election is part of delicate-end artistic design, so he gave us a lot of experience and examples on the audio-getting process on different kind of rooms. Mic considerations on near field and overhead takes came later, with classic and orthodox procedure descriptions (the recordeman techinique is great in small rooms!).

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