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Aural Escuela - May 20, 2021

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¡A new meeting was held by the members of the department of "3D Audio and soundscapes"!
Last Wednesday 20th, we exposed our thoughts and ideas about the new projects that will be held trough this year, focusing our mind on 3D audio oriented to visuals, and into extending our concepts in the creation of immersive soundscapes.
The main project in wich all the members will take part is based on a visual work from Josefina Martino, whose idea was to include 3D immersive audio in it, and by consequence, to introduce us into the vast world of audio for visual material.
The tasks that we'll have to deal with in this project include: 3D sound designing and composition, linking visuals with audio in the best suitable way to ensure immersion and observing how the presence of the video affects audio immersion, among other things ...
On the other hand, we have individual projects that will take part, too, Including the work on soundscapes without visuals, the composition of music oriented (from the beggining of the production) in 3D audio, and many more.

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