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Aural Escuela - May 27, 2021

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Today May 27, 2021 our Department of Acoustics and Perception met to establish the course and task delegation on the different research and projects, establishing short and long-term objectives for this year.
In the "Acoustics at Home Studio" project, we defined to support the empirical theory based on real practical cases, with the reminiscent problems that are observed in small rooms, proposing solutions with good results. Tools such as 3D design software, graphics, tables and ray tracing will be used to demonstrate the acoustic results in each case, and several of them were discussed.
In the "Porous Absorbers Calculation" project, it was proposed to make an objective selection of the bibliography and information available to date and to build a more sophisticated calculation sheet for flow resistance and other acoustic characteristics of fibrous and porous absorbent materials.

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