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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - May 24, 2021

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The students Jesús Almirón, Emiliano Busso and Manuel Clemente are developing an investigation on taking response to the impulse of the most emblematic venues of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In this framework, and as a result of different concerns that arose with the members of the Student Section, the investigation shot towards the conformation and registration of impulse responses that are used in musical production.

For this, the members of the AES-TAMABA Student Section attended the recording studio to carry out sound recording experiences and took the response to the impulse of different guitar and bass overcoats with different microphones and in different locations.

In recent weeks and within this context, there have been samples of different professional microphones on the most varied musical instruments. These recordings were also filmed and a reservoir of samples was generated that allowed in the last meetings of the Student Section to carry out collective listening.
These taps generated a rich debate and exchange of ideas among the attendees that triggered new questions and future new visits to the study to continue the research.

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