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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - May 20, 2021

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On Thursday May 20, a new weekly meeting of the AES-TAMABA Student Section was held. During the meeting, reflections on the performance of members of the Section in past editions of the CGE (Student Recording Competition), which takes place annually within the framework of the AES Latin American Conference, were addressed.

From the conversations, the decision was made to propose an activity in order to exercise the skills commonly involved in the realization of a "remix", agreeing to individually carry out a complete re-instrumentation from a song selected at the time.

This activity is focused on informing the new members of the section about the work involved in participating in category 5 of the CGE. A period of 2 weeks was set for its completion. Once the new versions of the song are finished, they will be shared and analyzed among all the members of the section.

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