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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - April 26, 2021

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On Monday, April 26, 2021, Emiliano Busso gave us his contribution in a research work he carried out on the responses and characteristics generated by different types of preamplifiers, recording the same sound source (in this case a battery), using the same microphones. and techniques, arranged in such a way that their location does not vary between each shot.

The main objective was to analyze the behavior of the preamps of the UAD Apollo 8p, UAD 4-710d, Unison 610a and 610b, API 512c and Neve 1084.

Apart from listening to the results obtained, the active member of our student section opened the session in his DAW showing in more detail how the recording of said material was, how the session was organized, the decisions made that day, and his conclusion regarding said work.

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