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Aural Escuela - April 9, 2021

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At the meeting held on April 9, 2021, the main topic was the organization of individual and group projects of the 3D Audio Department, where each of the attendees spoke about their individual projects. Renzo Leveroni Torres presented for his project the realization and mixing of his own compositions of music, Diego Flores talked about composing his music using Spectralism, and then mixing it in 3er order Ambisonics. Martin Adrover aims to take his Audio 3D mixed music project to a new version including visual content to generate a greater immersion. Julian Perasso and David Joya will continue working with soundscapes, trying to take them to another level of outsourcing. And finally, Josefina Martino, presented a short film with the objective of mixing the soundtrack and all the effects in 3D Audio. This last project was chosen to be worked on as a group, not only because of its complexity, but also because it is a way to take the soundscapes that the members of the section had been working on to another level by adding visual content.

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