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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - April 12, 2021

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On Monday, April 12, we held a new meeting with the members of the AES-TAMABA Student Section. During the meeting, a short discussion was held on the bases and conditions of the Student Mix Contest (internal contest) organized for the third consecutive year by the Section. Members discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the multitrack recording delivered to each participant, with special emphasis on the audio edits, processes, and processing used.

In addition, in a second instance, a review was made of all the audio events organized by AES and by the different National Sections that make up AES Latin America.

Finally and as the culminating point of the meeting, the treasurer of the Student Section Fernando Jesús Almirón made a small presentation on the audio restoration processes applied to music production. In a multitrack recording of a live show by the Argentine band Planeador V, he demonstrated the use of the RX8 suite on the drum track and on the voice channel, showing for each example the technical explanation of the problem posed and the solution. found through the conjugation of a series of processes included in the aforementioned complement. This activity gave the starting point to start a series of talks where each student shares with the rest their knowledge in recording, editing or mixing of audio

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