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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - April 2, 2021

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On Thursday, April 1, starting at 8 pm (Buenos Aires time), the President of the AES Argentina Professional Section, Fernando Bacigalupo, gave a webinar to the students of the Student Section and the general public on "Creative uses of delay in musical production ".

For two hours, Fernando explained the theory about the origin of the Delay process, described the analog and digital typology and the most popular plug-in emulations. After this introductory talk, he continued to share different examples of use within a mix - especially for drums, guitars and vocals - with special emphasis on synchronized, unsynchronized delays, tap delay, mono delay and the expressive use of delay "ping pong. ". Then a space for questions was opened where the attendees could raise all their doubts and queries.

This first action, carried out and produced by the AES-TAMABA Student Section, was the starting point of the roadmap and planning proposed for the year 2021.

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