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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 29, 2021

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The Shure SM58 has been around since 1959, SM stands for Studio Microphone. The SM58 is developed from two major microphones, the Unidyne I Model 55 (the worlds first unidirectional moving coil mic with a single capsule). The Unidyne was invented by Benjamin B Bauer who was also the inventor of Uniphase acoustical network, which makes microphones directional.Ernie Seeler created the Unidyne III, the smallest unidirectional end-address mic.
The Shure mic series were not popular in the slightest at the beginning, the goal of the SM56 SM57 and SM58 were to operate as broadcast (tv and radio) microphones. They did not succeed though and out of desperation the company began focusing its outreach on live sound. It was picked up then by various artists, but the lead singer of The Who gave the SM58 the beginnings of what is now a very impressive history. His abuse of the mic, swinging it around, gave it a signature look and inspired many artists afterwards.
Mr.Pettersen emphasized that Shure would never ever change the SM58, tried and true it is a reliable and constant. This last year showed the most amount of sales for the SM58 in fact. Shure also sends a large quantity of their profits to charity. Mr. and Mrs. Shure lived in the same apartment from 1958 til 2016, and despite their wealth they wanted this to continue in their company beyond.

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