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Aural Escuela - March 5, 2021

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Finally, our official year started! After informal meetings in February, and formal coordination of board elections, we congratulated the re-election of Carla Gatica (Chair) and Mauro Pires (Vice Chair), and welcomed Diego Flores and Federico Morales as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Our year will be focused on collaborations with other sections, sharing resources, passion and hopefully common goals. The discussion went around all this ideas, defining the board as the fuel for that "contact machine", and the rest will focus on coordinating internal activities: our research departments —which already have 6 projects running- and the web maintenance/community management work. Also, with the Student Recording Competition at the horizon, the final list of candidates was defined, along with brainstorming across all project description of each candidate. 2021 here we go!

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