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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 11, 2021

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pened with some small talk, greetings with some other guests who were able to attend the meeting. Steve began by talking about his studio equipment and his role as a freelance engineer at Pressure Point Recording Studios. Steve shared some of his goals and reasoning for coming to CRAS, including learning the equipment in order to replicate some of the sounds he heard on records. He then shared some stories from his post-CRAS internship. He mentioned that during the first year or so after graduating, he would record anyone who would let him record, including some Bluegrass bands - not his favorite genre, but a great way to get recording experience.

Steve touched on the importance of making mistakes and learning from them. He believes the most difficult sessions he had early on, including recording gospel sessions with huge bands, were those in which he grew the most. As far as what he does nowadays, Steve said he'll do anything to cater to the client, whether it's on the recording side or the mixing side.

The conversation was then opened up to a Q&A with the attendees. Questions ranged from internship advice, to mix tips, to some of his personal favorite musicians. Everyone was very interested to learn more from Steve - we appreciate the time he took out of his schedule to be with us!

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