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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 8, 2021

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Tonight's meeting started off with some small talk as people started to join the meeting room. Attendance was expected to be higher than usual due to the guests we had scheduled for the night. As soon as the clock struck 7:30pm, we got started with some of the announcements in order to maximize the time we had with our guests. We mentioned the raffle that has been going on for AES meeting attendees, outside hours, and gave a rundown of what AES was since it was the first meeting for a handful of the attendees.

Nathalie and Rachel then began their Networking seminar, discussing what networking is and how to do it effectively. They reminded us that we should be trying to build fruitful relationships with others, that can be helpful to us long-term, rather than trying to find people who we can use to quickly advance our careers. They also touched on social media and how we can keep our profiles fun and engaging, yet professional. One point they added was that it always looks good to have your numerous social media profiles somewhat match each other, that way it is obvious which accounts are yours. The conversation then transitioned into a Q&A, with students asking both general questions and questions specific to their own situation.

CRAS Alumnus Ike Schultz entered the meeting as Nathalie and Rachel were ending their seminar, so the focus was shifted to Ike. Nathalie and Rachel led the conversation for a time, digging into Ike's life pre and post-CRAS. Ike shared his reasoning for attending CRAS, and some of the highlights from his time here, such as interviewing Manny Marroquin, his future employer. He shared about his time after CRAS, including his time as an assistant at Larrabee Studios. He worked his way up from 4th assistant to 1st assistant engineer, after which he decided to begin freelancing. After some time of Ike sharing his story, we transitioned to a Q&A. There were numerous questions, ranging from freelancing advice to internship advice to questions about some of the projects Ike has worked on. The meeting had to end fairly suddenly as it had gotten so late, but we plan on having Ike back again soon to share some mixing tips. Ike was so willing to share his story and advice - we very much appreciate the time he was able to take out of his busy schedule.

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