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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 4, 2021

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Today's meet was one we met with great excitement, today Peter Tilley from REDNet came in for the student base and gave us all the tools we needed for our first REDNet certification. The meeting was entirely for the certification and very fast-paced. It started with an introduction of Peter as well as Focusrite and their relationship with the school. 

•From there the meeting moved right into the core knowledge needed to pass the certification that was to be taken at the end of the meeting. Topics include what Rednet, RED, and ISA's were included in the line up that was to be discussed. Dante was also presented as this is the audio network that the lineup runs on. This also included how ethernet cables are used to transmit the information or used as a power source if that was needed. 

•Then it was discussed what the two modes meant and what they did as well as the fact that anyone device could be used as a clock master. Rather than having to buy a separate piece to just be the clock master in the larger setups with these products. From here the PCIer card was explained and how it functioned in the system as well as that the used to control the gear wirelessly or via ethernet cable. 

•The X2P, as well as the AM2, were then compared and contrasted as well as explained in their functions. While the X2P was more advanced, the AM2 would work for just the simple setups and was really more meant to be used with a single purpose in mind rather than the multitasker that the X2P is marketed as. 

•This lead to the A-D cards that have been released in the REDNet lineup to help make the older products wireless as well. These two cards were the ADN2 and the ADN 8. It was at this point the software that can control the entire lineup was shown off, while some of the products didn't have the full capabilities due to being older and needed that A-D card for the most part all of the products can either be controlled on the equipment itself or in the software with no latency that is noticeable.

After the presentation was over the certification test was started. It was 28 multiple choice questions with 10 minutes to complete them. This was done in batches of 10- with a 5-minute time limit to complete these 10 questions. After the certification was over the student base thanked Peter for the opportunity and the meeting adjourned for the evening. Students will get their results by email shortly and will then either be certified or be given the chance to attend an event to relearn the information and retake the certification. At this moment in time there are standing plans for there to be a second meeting where students who passed the first certification can obtain a more advanced certification should they wish to. 

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