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Argentina - November 28, 2020

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As a close to such a particular year, on November, 28th the AES Argentina Section broadcasted an event in which different national and international personalities participated, offering a varied and rich palette of themes.
-Jorge Petrosino (University of Lanus): "Applications of the Huygens principle"
Line arrays, diffusers and acoustic inversion mirrors.
-Ruben Piputto, Matías Vilaró, Gonzalo Matijas and Flavio Nogueira: "The sound of cinema, from the beginning to the end"
A tour of how the sound of a scene in the movie "Theft of the century" was worked from filming to final mix.
-Alex Case (AES USA) "Improving Voice Recordings Through Science: Human Physiology, Studio Technology, And Your Creativity"
There is no more important instrument in any sound recording than the lead voice. From music to podcasts, the voice is a fundamental source of human emotion, expressive musicality, engaging tone, and essential intelligibility. Such features must be captured, preserved, and enhanced through a workflow that includes best practices for artist comfort, local acoustics, microphone selection and placement, and signal processing.
-And to close the event: "Interview with Oscar Bonello: a life dedicated to audio"
Interview with one of the historical personalities of audio in Argentina by Indio Gauvron and Ramón Gallo.

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