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Argentina - November 10, 2020

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November 10 of 2020 will be remembered as the year that modified the work structure of our profession due to the pandemic. In addition to highlighting the precariousness of the sector, we must become aware of the way we carry out all our technical and artistic productions. For this, it was necessary to make an analysis of the new work modality for artists and technicians of the show with a look at the new world that is approaching, optimizing the resources available.
Throughout this virtual event a lot of topics were developed:
-Introduction to the day. Comments on the section. What is AES.
-Leandro Currá: "What do I need to record?"
Work environment, minimum technical and acoustic tools to work and create your own and third party productions.
-Jota Piccone and Ezequil Kosiner. "Technical requirements"
Sound plates. PC requirements. Microphones. Plugins. DAW. Consoles. A talk about the technical tools available, what I need, what options are in the market and what is the best according to specific needs.
-Indio Gauvron and María Andrea Farina. "Listening and the environment"
How to prepare the space for a better optimization of a bedroom / control. The importance of having an acoustically conditioned workspace and ensuring that the work area is optimal with affordable materials.
-Esteban Frangoudis. "Cables and connections"
Noise and balanced lines. Electric risk. A responsible look to raise awareness about the dangers of connection.

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