AES Section Meeting Reports

St. Louis - September 14, 2020

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The Chairman's Report was presented by Bill Schulenburg.
• Acknowledged the passing of his mentor and contributor to the field Al Bussen.
• Central Region Meeting happened today.

The Vice-Chair Report was presented by Paul Hennerich.
• Should discuss at how to improve social aspect and networking aspect of the meetings missing from the Zoom format (vs. in person meetings).

The Treasurer Report was presented by Rob Schlette.
• No transactions since March, treasury maintained at $98.

The Event Committee Reports was presented by Josh Harris.
• Discussed with Central Region about opening up some of our virtual events to other sections of AES.
• Ben Majchrzak has offered a members only, possibly opening it to other sections of AES in the Central Region, virtual tour of his new console, Neve Genesys.
• Member appreciation event for Central Region Members, possibly with break out rooms to increase networking/small group discussion.
• Scotch and whiskey tasting over Zoom for a winter solstice meeting.
• Discussion ensued with ideas for expanding our meetings and events. Suggested we should try to have presenters at our meetings or as separate events. Another idea was to show a past presentation from AES conventions.

The Outreach Committee Report
• Kayla was not available. No report.

Unfinished Business:
• No unfinished business.

New Business and Announcements:
• AES International has invited student section members to town halls for any student leaders or facility advisors.

For the Good of the Chapter:
• No suggestions offered for the good of the chapter.

Member Led Discussion:
• Bill suggested trying break out groups in lieu of the member led discussion as no discussion topics were put forward from members. Break out sessions were randomly assigned for a 10 minute session. Consensus was that the break out sessions worked well and that the break out rooms is a good format for being able to continue socialization and networking via Zoom. A second and third session was completed.

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