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St. Louis - May 4, 2020

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Stepping into the virtual world to continue to pursue our mission and sharing strategies for coping with the new normal

One of the casualties of the pandemic was the Central Region Student Summit event. Unfortunately it had to be canceled, but we thanked Hannah, Drew, and everyone in the Student Section for a year of hard work in preparation for an annual event that we all look forward to and benefit from. St. Louis AES' Contribution to the event was Jim Baldree's participation which was a success and gave new perspective to audio for many participants. Ben M's presentations also showed another path to Pro audio. Too many contributions to mention. Chris Mara is interested in presenting to our group as well. London tested many audio students and professionals and is helping them preserve their valuable hearing.

Reports about Continued cooperation with Grammy Memphis, who contributed to the Summit.
Paul H. met several Central Missouri NARAS Members - Paul will follow up regarding AES Membership. Acoustical Society also came to Summit, we issued invitation to their members to our meetings. Mike and Bill did a Sound Walk on Noise Awareness day. Measured differences at Queeny Park.

Thanks to Kayla for continued work in Outreach and social media. She gave us an update.

Josh is working on many event ideas, and Paul is helping hammer out the logistics. This all dovetails with Rob Schlette's work getting a budget presentation together. We would love to repeat the Summit support.

London has taken over as secretary. She Plans to work with Kayla on the AES.ORG blog.

International AES Elections are coming up, and possibility for increased presence of St. Louis. Ian Corbett from KC could be CRVP and he is familiar with our area and a friend of the section's. We hope that the coming terms will bring us into working closer with other sections and the National.

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