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St. Louis - January 6, 2020

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The Chairman's Report was presented by Bill Schulenburg.
Introduced 2020 International Year of Sound as sponsored by ASA
Submit any suggestions or ideas for incorporating the International Year of Sound into events/activities to Bill Schulenburg and Mike Biffingnani.

The Vice-Chair Report was presented by Paul Hennerich.
Pittsburgh chapter still has not launched and may not at this point.

The Treasurer Report was presented by Rob Schlette.
$196.00 in the account
Annual budget cycle begins. Only one request so far from Bill for a speaker. Any other budget requests are due ASAP.

The Event Committee Reports was presented by Josh Harris.
• Rusty Wandall potentially a members only tour last Monday of the month.
• Planning for Jazz Club-come down before a live stream to tour then attend an event
• Planning for Powell tour of sound system and live broadcast setup

The Outreach Committee Report was presented by Kayla Rogers.
Our Facebook page is currently a group page which cannot advertise, would need an official Facebook page-will need to address with AES International.

Unfinished Business:

New Business and Announcements:
• Discussion of a GEARage sale maybe in the 2nd quarter with Justin and Mike spearheading.
• St. Louis Music Initiative — St. Louis music week. Consider a subcommittee for AES chapter to get involved, Ben to potentially chair. September 4-13, 2020.
• Please submit your ideas for next months Member-Led Audio Topics
• Member-Led Audio Topic: Paul Hennerich, Amazon Hifi audio downloads.

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