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St. Louis - September 9, 2019

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The Chairman's Report was presented by Bill Schulenburg.
Bill went to the Lighthouse Studio open house, they might be interested in hosting an event.

The Vice-Chair Report was presented by Paul Hennerich.
• Chapter to consider reaching out to areas outside of St. Louis to increase awareness of our Chapter and expand membership and participation outside of membership. Consider events such as demonstrations, meet an engineer session, presentations, event, etc. Consider how to outreach to hobbyist, live sound engineers, union live sound.
o Consider how we make the Chapter more attractive and make sure that attendees and prospective attendees get value in participation.
o Please submit any outreach ideas to Kayla Rogers of Josh Harris.
• Consider how do we raise funding for events (outside of national AES).
• It was mentioned that ASA is also trying to increase attendance and expand. Suggestion has been raised to combine local chapter events and meetings (AES, ASA, Recording Academy).

The Treasurer Report was presented by RobSchlette.
Rob was absent. Treasurer reported submitted by Bill. Approximately $100.
National bylaw change was announced that changes when funding from national can be received.

The Event Committee Reports was presented by Josh Harris.
• Bob McCarthy presentation at Webster 9-26-19.
• Members only event at Avatar 10-21-19, time to be determined possibly 6:00 pm.

The Outreach Committee Report was presented by Kayla Rogers.
• Chapter to consider spending budget on Facebook advertising for events and increased awareness or chapter.
• Kayla will reach out to Bob McCarthy's publicist for assistance with increasing awareness of the event for his presentation.

Unfinished Business:
• AES National election results have been announced:
o for full results
o Ian Corbett was elected Vice President, Central Region, USA/Canada. Bill has extended an invitation to Ian to attend an upcoming Chapter meeting.

New Business and Announcements:
• Chapter to consider making meetings more themed with speakers or focused presentations, demos, etc. Any member who wants to present please e-mail bill.
• Bring Back The Banner

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