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Baltic - February 5, 2020

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On 5th of February around 30 sound engineers and audio professionals attended second AES Baltic Section meeting that was kicked of by Mr. John Newton from Sound Mirror. His presentation gave insight in DSD technology. John played various recordings on his Pyramix session and presented comparisons between PCM and DSD recordings on ReflectorAudio speakers. After Mr Newton's speech we listened and compared various omni microphones that were used in the cello recording session earlier in the morning that day. Comparisons were made between DPA 4006, Schoeps MK5, Neumann M50, Sanken 100k and Felix microphones. Before recording session we discussed how we should place all microphones and Newton's argument made sense to everyone: "You cannot put all mics at the same place because each mic has its own best position for cello sound". At the end we made three recordings with different positions. Recordings were made with two systems. The first system was Pyramix DSD system which was connected to Merging Technologies Hapi ADDA interface and direct outs from device were sent to second system that was SSL 4000G+ console's line inputs and Focusrite Red 16 interface connected to Pro Tools computer. "We wanted to compare our own DSD and PCM recordings, but something went wrong with our Pyramix recording and decided to use just PCM files for mic comparison" said Krisjanis Geidans (CO Baltic section).Our meeting was coming to logical end and attendees were served with chance to listen ReflectorAudio prototype system D1818. Many were surprised by system's design and its sound. Event was organised with help of microphone inventor Martins Saulespurens who commented " It was helpful to learn about proper omni mic placement for solo cello recording and altogether this was very useful event." AES Baltic Section once again is thankful to Martin's as this was actually his idea to organise a day with Mr. John Newton. Day would not be possible without support from Reflector Audio and technical help from Ivars Ozols.Event was held in Sound Division studios.
Here is a link to microphone comparison recording you want to know more about John Newton's work take a look in SoundMirror page, more about Reflector Speakers Cellist Undine Balode performed a part from Gaspar Cassadó "Prelude-Fantasie"

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