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Taiwan - December 18, 2020

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At present, most countries follow standard of ITU (International Telecommunication Union) and AES (Audio Engineering Society) to regulate the loudness standards of radio, TV, and various streaming platforms. However, there is no governmental authority in Taiwan to regulate the loudness standards, which leads the acoustical discomfort when household users switch channels or stay the same channel between the advertisement and the main program. Furthermore, due to the lack of loudness standards, different theaters have different broadcasting volume. The most critical issue resulted from lackness of loudness standard is the industry faces the affliction
of international competition.
AES Taiwan Section, as acoustics export , would like to assist government in introduction loudness standard. By holding loudness seminar, we invite well-known experts and scholars of the industry and academia to give keynote speeches and hold discussions with participants.

Seminar Objectives :
1. To enable the personnel in audio-visual field understand the concept of loudness and what is LUFS?
2. To know the loudness specification used in the sound industry currently
3. To understand the international standards for loudness and which data should be used in music industry
4. To understand the current situation and problems faced by the industry due to insufficient standards and regulations and seek for solution from government authority.
5. To establish communication platform for industry, government, and academic.

Seminar Topic:
1. The Basic of Loudness by Mr. Paul Wang - Associate Professor of Master's Program of Electro-acoustics, Feng Chia University
2. Audio Loudness by Mrs. Sonya Wang - Senior Audio Engineer, Dirac Research AB.
3. Upload practice of streaming platform by Mr. David Wang — Senior Recording Engineer
4. The loudness standard and current situation of the film and television Industry by Mr. Hanson Tsai — Director of Movie Sound Design

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