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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 4, 2021

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Tip of the Week: Came from John, it was a video on how to effectively master in Protools; this was shared during the later part of the meeting.

Most of the meeting was spent between John, the outgoing AES member and former Chair of the CRAS student body chapter for AES, and the two oncoming members Andrew Castillo, and Mackenzie Blair. Castillo will be taking on the role of Chair in the next Monday meeting, and Mackenzie is the one who is taking on Vice Chair as well as any various secretarial duties that need to be managed.

After the last of the advice and the resources had been shared for the new oncoming members to use and give to students as needed then the conversation changed. The topic became that of how broadcast is growing as a field because John is currently preparing for the exam on broadcast and speaks fondly of it as a topic and gave a few tips on the course itself and all that it entailed.

From there, the topic moved to Wwise as the other onboarding member showed an interest in game audio. John then gave a small demo and talked about all that the software could do just from the top of his head and without his notes in front of him. It was at this point the first of two of the non-AES students joined. The student was greeted and the meeting continued with John showing and talking briefly about how the Wwise software could be used for surround sound as well as an example of what other students had done to take advantage and use this feature in projects.

Just after the topic was finishing up the second and last member to come into the Monday Night Meeting joined. The video about mixing was started, and watched by all in the room. After the video had concluded friendly conversation took place about where students were looking city wise to go to their internships, if they had something in mind. John answered a question on the M3000 certification. It was at this point the meeting was adjourned.

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