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South German - October 19, 2020

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The presentation focused on how including more physics and applied physics research in audio and technical acoustics can help us to achieve better sound.

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Elena Shabalina received her degree in Physics, Physical Acoustics from the Lomonosov State University of Moscow, Russia, in 2008 and her PhD in Physics from the Institute of Technical Acoustics RWTH Aachen University in Germany in 2012. During that time she also worked as a sound system and room acoustics designer in Moscow, Russia and taught acoustics and sound reinforcement at the Gnesin Academy of Music and the Russian Institute of Cinematography. She joined R&D department at d&b audiotechnik in 2012 where she is responsible for Applied Research. Her research interests include physical acoustics, outdoor sound propagation and noise control. Elena is vice-chair of the AES Technical Committee on Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement and committee member of the AES South German Section.

A recording of the presentation is available on vimeo.

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