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South German - December 21, 2020

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1. upcoming research colloquia in 2021
- section committee highlighted the preliminary planning for the next six months
- seven research colloquia are planned, with a regular time slot of the third Tuesday of the month (additional sessions added as appropriate)
- dates 2021: 19.01./ 02.02./ 16.02./ 16.03./ 20.04./ 18.05./ 04.06.
- idea: as friendly and as open as possible, casual framework, questions welcome and can be asked via moderators as well
- format will be either presentation style or round table discussion
- prerecording of presentations is possible if preferred, with live Q&A

2. introduction of new members
- new members had a chance to introduce themselves

3. discussion
- talk about premium audio systems in cars with discussion of the potential of technologies like beam steering and object based audio
- new topic suggestion: object based audio. A combination of the technology and its use in pro audio.
- committee has looked at the AES section website format and will be using this in future. Upcoming meetings will be announced and meeting minutes will be recorded.

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