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Aural Escuela - November 27, 2020

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On Friday November 27, 7PM Buenos Aires Time, Audio Expertos 2020 gave us the second talk by guest-speakers, regional experts called specifically for the occasion. This time: Ramiro Vergara with Psychophysical Experiments and Sound Perception.

Ramiro introduced himself as a CONICET researcher with workplace at Escuela Universitaria de Artes, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, specifically at the LAPSO (Laboratorio de Acústica y Percepción Sonora), Buenos Aires, Argentina. The interdisciplinary activities made at the lab realted to sound perception gave Ramiro a several experience in the matter, and that resources related with his formation as a biologist and also as an intuitive musician were shared with us in this presentation.

The big topics of the talk were: 1) sound perception main basics concepts, 2) the study of classic sound perception clues, 3) the context influence on the perception of the source and 4) the effect of the context influence on distance perception on both visual and sound information. In between, Ramiro responded questions for each subject, relating specific phenomena with several examples to allow a better understanding not only to sound perception as an unique event, but also related to other senses and making a clear division between science and art in theory, but contemplating how they merge each other in practice. Ramiro: thank you very much for sharing all this knowledge with all the community! In this time when working in 3D demands this kind of know how to do better mixes and sound design, this kind of presentations gave a lot to current and incipient professionals related.

Thanks to everybody who came in live, in Zoom and Youtube! The link is here:

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