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Aural Escuela - November 26, 2020

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On Thursday November 26, 3PM Buenos Aires Time, Audio Expertos 2020 gave us the first talk by guest-speakers, regional experts called specifically for the occasion. This time, Indio Gauvron with The Acoustic Space: The Final Frontier.

As a long-time AES Argentina member, Indio was presented by Iván Markovic, our former professional section chairman. Both of them remarked how AES get stronger in this pandemic situation, in Argentina and Latin America, due to the quality and number of regional section activities all over this 2020 —highlighting collaboration between sections and the importance of each people roles-, as well as making regular contact with AES HQ and sections all over world.

After, Gauvron introduced several concepts related to the acoustic space, -sound quality, the stereo word, acoustical parameters of concert halls and measurements related, objective and subjective evaluations, control room design in stereo, the importance of lateral reflections in the spot using PRD diffusers, Haas fusion zone/precedence effect, control room design in Dolby ATMOS, a comparison of big/small rooms acoustics contemplating volume and surface relations and, finally, perceptual binaural/headphones considerations. Indio: thank you very much for sharing all this knowledge with all the community! In this time when working in 3D demands this kind of know how to do better mixes and sound design, this kind of presentations gave a lot to current and incipient professionals related.

Thanks to everybody who came in live, in Zoom and Youtube! The link is here:

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