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Instituto Terciario TAMABA - November 26, 2020

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Between Thursday 19 and Saturday 21 November the III AES-TAMABA Congress was held with the first exhibition 100% Online audio with 3D experience.

For three days, attendees were able to tour the exhibition and display of a totally virtual environment where they could access the presentation of different projects developed by the students.

Professional and student dissertations accompanied the exhibition.

The first place was occupied by the student Javier Enríquez who presented his research work "Specific search for RI at the Teatro Roma". Then the student José Mercado continued, who presented his work "Acoustic Parameters Calculator".
Emiliano Busso spoke about his participation in Category IV of the AES LAC 2020 Student Recording Contest.
To close the technical participation of the students, Gabriel Sotomayor presented "Live Sound by Streaming".

Regarding the Professional Panels, the first panel brought together Cristian Becerra (Chile) who spoke about "Measurement of loudness". The talk "Mix based on personal taste" by Jorge Azama (Peru) was the following and Natalia Sotelo (Argentina) ended.

The Mixing Panel was started by Darío Peñaloza who spoke about "The importance of reverberation" to give way to Alejandra Luciani who spoke about "Search and achievement of cohesion between instruments". Natalia Perelman talk about the "Treatment of low frequencies or Low End". At the end of this panel, Mario Breuer spoke about "Aesthetic criteria when selecting an Equalizer" that generated innumerable questions from the public.

The Sound Design Panel headed by Eugenio Taboada, Gerardo Kalmar and Ramiro Alvarez developed different topics related to linear mixing.

The Acoustic Panel formed by Andrea Farina, Indio Gauvron and Gustavo Basso addressed the topic related to "Acoustics in times of pandemic"

On the last date, the teacher Facundo López presented works by the Musical Production students.

The Panel of Musical Production was made up of Renato Zamora (Ecuador), Daniel Orejuela (Ecuador), José Antonio Orea (Mexico) and Jorge Chikiar (Argentina) who analyzed different themes of current musical production at the regional level.

Next, the musician Pablo Sala spoke about the works dedicated to luthery that he did for the film "Brujas" and we closed the meeting with the Mastering Panel formed by Cana San Martín, Maximiliano Forestieri and Ezequiel Morfi.

At the end of the conference, we witnessed a very special live concert via streaming, by the hand of the duo formed by the professors of the TAMABA Tertiary Institute, Alejandro Santos (Flute Traversa) and Germán Martínez (Guitar) we enjoyed the best songs of Piazzolla.

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